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purchase this true comfort system for about the same price or less than what our competitors charge for a single-stage conventional a/c system.

Benefits of the Carrier 2-stage with Humidistat:

  1. Increased comfort due to lower humidity & air circulation.
  2. Lower energy consumption.
  3. Healthier air due to decreased allergens/humidity.
  4. Quieter in low stage mode.
  5. Longer life due to less cycling.

The typical single-stage A/C found in most homes runs at 100% capacity when on, or it is completely off. So, you either get full blast or nothing at all. The system is only responding to a temperature demand and does not consider or monitor humidity. It is sized to meet the demand placed on it on those extremely hot days. So, this means the typical single-stage A/C is oversized about 80% of the year. This oversizing & ignoring the latent capacity (humidity) causes short cycling the vast majority of time. This causes higher indoor humidity, decreased comfort & shorter equipment lifespan.

Our 2-stage Carrier combined with a humidistat (humidistat instead of thermostat) actually has 4 different output capacities to better match the temperature and humidity loads of the conditioned space. The temperature & humidity requirements change over the course of a 24 hour day as well as the different seasons of the year. Better matching of the output to the conditioned space requirements provide the 5 key benefits listed above.

When it is time to replace an A/C system due to age, I have had customers downgrade from the 2-stage Carrier with a humidistat to a single-stage system. The downgrade is usually due to an upfront cost savings of purchasing the single-stage equipment. In every case the customer regretted the downgrade due to all the lost benefits of 4 different capacity outputs our 2-stage Carrier system will provide vs only 1 output that a single-stage system can provide.

One cannot understand just how much more comfort is provided with the 4 capacity output Carrier 2-stage vs the typical 1 capacity output single-stage system. Once you have owned one of these it is difficult to go back to the typical single-stage system.

With this $$$ saving promotion, our Carrier 2-stage with humidistat can be purchased for the same price or less than what many of our competitors charge for the single-stage conventional a/c system. This offer is limited in time so take advantage of our low pricing and be more comfortable in the Texas heat than you have ever been before.

Purchase our Carrier 2-stage outdoor unit and humidistat at regular price and receive the indoor unit at 50% off. This generally equates to a 25% savings on the cost of the whole system.

This results in a price that makes our Carrier 2-stage comfort system about the same price, or sometimes less than many of our competitor's single-stage conventional a/c systems.

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