Why choose a Full Service Company
for your next A/C purchase?

When it's time to purchase a new a/c system you should understand that not all companies are equal.

Basically there are 3 types of a/c companies to choose from:

Full Service and Sales Company like Annaville A/C.

A/C sales only company.

One trucker A/C company.

Full Service Company -vs- A/C Sales ONLY Company

CompareFull Service Company
Annaville A/C
A/C Sales Company
Emergency service 7 days a week YESNo
Dedicated dispatcher to get technicians to your home or business and maintain contact with youYESNo
Dedicated personnel to answer the phone and get you help with future service (No Third Party Answering Service)YES No
A staff of senior level technicians to take care of your A/C in the future YESNo
Electronic customer records in the palm of your technicians hands YESMaybe
Preventative maintenance programsYESNo
The business continues to run, even when the owner has to be awayYESNo

Question: "How do I know if it is a Full Service Company or a Sales Only Company"?

Answer: One way is to drop by our office for a list of reputable Full Service companies. Another way is to call the company in question on a weekend or holiday to see if you can receive service.

Annaville A/C recommends you purchase your new A/C from an established
Full Service Company and NOT the Sales Only Company.

The A/C Sales Only Companies may be lower on their price because there is more overhead associated with running a Full Service Company. You may receive your A/C at a lower price than a Full Service Company can match. However, when it is time to service or make an emergency repair, you may not get a return phone call from a Sales Only Company. We at Annaville A/C see this all of the time. A consumer purchases a lower price A/C from a Sales Only Company, and ends up having to call Annaville A/C to have repairs done. You the consumer may be thinking "Well, that is not such a bad deal. I will buy my A/C at a low price from the Sales Only Company, and just get a Full Service Company to service it."

Here are a couple points to consider:

  • If you purchase your A/C from the low price Sales Only Company, these guys are usually about cutting their cost to offer a lower price. In turn, they find less qualified installers for lower pay to do the installation.
  • The most important day of purchasing your new A/C is the day it is installed. A proper installation and start up supervised by a skilled technician has a lot to do with the service life of that equipment.
  • Highly skilled technicians will also insure the A/C is tuned to get maximum performance and efficiency.

Full Service Company -vs- One Trucker Company

CompareFull Service Company Annaville A/C One Trucker Company
Dedicated personnel to answer yourcall YESNo
Same day service in most cases (if the work order is placed by noon) YESMaybe
A staff of senior level techniciansYESNo
Emergency service 7 days a weekYESNo
Electronic customer records in the palm of technician hands YESNo
Dedicated dispatcher to schedule service and stay in close contact with the customer (No Third Party Answering ServiceYESNo
The business continues to run, even when the owner has to be away YESNo
Volume purchasing discounts that lowers costs and overhead YESNo

Question: How do I know if the company in question is a Full Service or a One Trucker company?

Answer: You may drop by our office and get a list of reputable Full Service companies. Another way is to call the company in question on a weekend or holiday to see if you can receive service. Annaville A/C is a Full Service company, and we have been that way since 1996.


The main difference between the one trucker company and a full service company is the one trucker company cannot possibly offer the valuable services listed above that a full service company can.

The one trucker, or small contractor may actually have more than one truck. It is quite common they have two or three trucks running. Annaville A/C has a lot of respect for the One Trucker or small contractor. Most of them are very knowledgeable and hard working.

​In addition to offering a full array of air conditioning service to Corpus Christi we extend full services to:

  • Robstown

  • Driscoll

  • Bishop

  • Banquette

  • Orange Grove

  • Sandia

  • Sinton

  • Odem.

We are available for service 7 days a week.

*If you are one of those one trucker a/c contractors reading this, and tired of struggling and dividing your time between being a service technician and running the business, I urge you to contact me. If qualified and motivated, I can show you how to take the stress out of your job, increase your pay, and enjoy more time off.

Email me at [email protected].