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A/C Extended Warranty

Annaville Air Conditioning, Inc.
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  • ECM motor replacement $510.00
  • Evaporator Coil $1125.00
  • Compressor $1260.00
  • Condenser Coil $1260.00

Above charges include labor, trip charges, parts acquisition fee, warranty processing fee, shipping and miscellaneous items (freon, welding, supplies etc).

There are many companies who can sell an A/C unit. Find out why choosing a Full Service company like Annaville A/C is the best choice for your new A/C purchase. We take pride in having the BEST TECHNICIANS IN CORPUS CHRISTI.

Extended Warranty - covers labor and associated costs to make the repair. Factory Warranties covers ONLY parts associated with the repair. We highly recommend purchasing an Extended Labor Warranty with your new air conditioner.

Annaville A/C is of the opinion that if your new ac (regardless of brand) gives you 10 years of trouble-free service you should consider yourself extremely lucky. It is also our opinion that today's new ac equipment is likely to have a major part failure within the first 5 years. Today's modern air conditioning is much more efficient than equipment from 20+ years ago. However, the reliability & longevity is much less than years past. Annaville A/C works on all brand's, so we see the problems of each. We offer name brand equipment. We choose our brands based on reliability that our technicians witness in the field. The brands we offer appear to have fewer issues than the brands we do not offer. However, Annaville A/C cannot recognize any brand built today to be as reliable as in years past.

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